CLASSICAL COMPOSITION experience ranges from solo instrument to full orchestra and from single voice to multiple choirs as well as opera.
Instrumental Composition excerpts - Michael Henry
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Vocal Composition excerpts - Michael Henry
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NON-CLASSICAL COMPOSITION experience includes pop, soul, rock, RnB, house, jazz, zim-jazz, afro-beat and soukous, including over 100 songs with songwriting stable Cut 2 Taste.
His music has been featured as part of the BBC Proms, Linz European Capital of Culture, Tête à Tête Opera and Bloomsbury Festivals as well as several theatrical productions. He has been awarded the Horowitz, Stanford and Cornelius Cardew prizes for composition.
THEATRICAL COMPOSITION includes music for Barber Shop Chronicles, Mr. Burns, They Drink It In The Congo and Boi Boi Is Dead.

TITLE: A Girl Called Rebellion

PLAY: Boi Boi Is Dead

AUTHOR: Zodwa Nyoni

SYNOPSIS: Myriam is haunted by the memory of her deceased boyfriend, the zim-jazz trumpeter known as Boi Boi. One particular song, a song written for and about her, is unshakeably pervasive...

TITLE: Harare

PLAY: Barber Shop Chronicles

AUTHOR: Inua Ellams

SYNOPSIS: One of nine a cappella transitions in the play. This one takes us from London, UK to Harare, Zimbabwe by means of Chimurenga music.

TITLE: End Of Everything

PLAY: Mr. Burns (Act 3)


AUTHOR: Ann Washburn

SYNOPSIS: The final battle and Bart has all but succumbed to the evil Mr. Burns. Close to the brink, he sings a reprise of the song from Act 2. It is worth noting that Act 3 is a 40-minute through-composed "scratch opera".


PLAY: They Drink It In The Congo

AUTHOR: Adam Brace


SYNOPSIS: Originally composed for an act 1 church scene, this music was re-purposed to provide a variety of entrance and exit stings for the performers auditioning for the CongoVoice festival.

Access full Theatre Music playlist via Soundcloud


His clarinet quartet Birdwatching , published by Emerson Edition, has become a favourite for young players in Europe, Japan and the U.S.

Other pieces available from Score Exchange:

  • Intrada for symphonic band

  • Chorale Variations for clarinet sextet

  • Refractions for clarinet quartet and percussion

  • Prelude for wind quartet

  • Chlore Sonata for piano

  • Jazz Song for clarinet or saxophone and piano

  • The Ice for choir and piano

  • Stand for unaccompanied choir


Michael works via Sibelius software to transcribe audio recordings into high quality, publisher-ready music scores, providing lead sheets with chord symbols, piano reductions or fully notated arrangements.

Score examples

  • Composition commissions

  • Arrangement commissions

  • Collaborations

  • Transcriptions

  • Creative Facilitation

"Mikmus" is a truncation of "Mike's music".

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